Yuri Tremler Russian Oil Painting Avant-garde Cocktail Bar Jazz Bohemian Earth



- Characteristic avant-garde cocktail bar/jazz club, conversation piece capturing the bohemian lifestyle of the early-20th century.

- The thick, textured, impasto palette creates vitality and rhythm within the composition and the bright palette injects warmth, glamour and a sense of fun. - Tremler creates informality and ambiguity within the composition by paring down the detail creating the atmosphere of good conversation and enjoyment of music - The composition has a sub-theme of pairings and juxatpositions with two female figures enjoying music being played by the two males within a club or bar opening onto a beach with a table in the foreground using a strong earth and cool pastel palette. - Injects the enjoyment and fun associated with good company, entertainment and music into the interior Canvas Height 20", 51cm Length 40", 101.5cm Free floated on a black background In a gilded and carved frame Height Length Depth The reverse bearing label A&E Fine Art Inc. located at Fair Lawn, New Jersey a gallery known for its large and varied collections, exhibiting at prestigious art fairs including Art Expo New York, Art Santa Fe, Art San Diego, the Shanghai Art fair and Red Dot Miami and internationally. The gallery specialises in established and emerging Israeli artists, many like Tremler who are Russian immigrants to Israel. Yuri Tremler Born in the Ukraine in 1961, Yuri Tremler attended the College of the Arts in Kharkov, (the second largest city in the Ukraine), and the Kharkov Art & Design Academy. He later attended Gall Design School in Germany before returning to his hometown where he worked as a metal smith and a theater decorator. Immigrating to Israel in 1996, Tremler worked in crafts, industrial design, interior design, jewelry design, and participated in many exhibitions and shortly after this he started to focus on painting. Yuri Tremler's striking and spontaneous palette clearly expresses a gamut of emotional states and moods. His paintings please the eye with a richness of color, a great sense of balance and confident brushwork. In Tremler's creations, one can find echoes of the avant-garde movements from the early 20th century, themes of bohemian lifestyles, or memories of conversation over a cocktail from long ago. Subjects of Tremler's paintings seem to be distant and blurred, but they capture poetic moments of life. His art reminds us of a sudden moment captured in a freeze-frame, an instant experienced after an intimate party, time spent with friends, or a shared past which still brings excitement and delight to mind. His pictures are exhibited in art shows and galleries throughout Europe and the United States.

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Height 51 cm / 20 14"
Width 101.5 cm / 40 "

21st Century




Oil Paint

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