HHM has evolved from my love of beautiful pieces and fascination in how historical impressions create distinctive forms, features and function alongside the imprints of time and use and the stories that they become part of. The materials, form, ornamentation and patina of early pieces create harmonious and interesting juxtapositions with mid-century modern and contemporary materials, textures, forms and compositions and this is reflected in the historical layering of my inventory. As a specialist with over 40 years experience, I sell to and advise collectors, museums and public galleries. I have made research my niche which has enabled me to discover and authenticate rare pieces of early furniture, some having been mis-identified for many years. I work discreetly with institutional and private clients to create eclectic and interesting collections with a personal touch. My heritage consultancy revitalising historical properties open to public view, through rigorous research, conservation, curation, placing and interpretation evolved from and complements this. I am intrigued how our homes reflect our personalities, desires and dreams and also stock a diverse range of characterful and unusual furnishing pieces with broader appeal and pricing for the designer and home. My interior design consultancy evolved from re-creating period and modern room settings and modern installations prompting me to include a diverse range of eclectic, accent pieces. When I am buying artworks or working on heritage or private interiors projects, my intention is to curate with relevance, beauty, charm, distinctive and unique features, animating the essence of an item, the spirit of a place or an interior, creating sustainability; and using appropriate conservation if necessary I also design and oversee the making of individual, signature pieces which are impossible to source as authentic 16th, 17th or 18th century items. Each piece is inspired by historical examples and personalized for the client taking inspiration from their collection, ornament in their home or an interior or local vernacular sources. This side of my business evolved from advising on the conservation of important pieces in historic collections and clients asking for period pieces for the home which were impossible to source. FINE ART & ANTIQUES, RARE & ECLECTIC PIECES OF EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY COMMISSIONED PIECES, UNIQUE CONVERSATION & SIGNATURE PIECES HERITAGE CONSULTANCY, BRINGING HERITAGE TO LIFE DESIGN, INDIVIDUAL INTERIORS ANIMATING ARCHITECTURAL INTEGRITY, OWNERS VISION, LIFESTYLE & COMFORT


In addition to my inventory HHM offers consultancy services sourcing, bidding in International salerooms, arranging transport, storage and shipping, arranging and supervising conservation, research projects, furnishing plans and picture hanging. My Heritage, Architectural & Art Historian Consultancy, Interior Design Consultancy & bespoke commissions run alongside this. HHM has extensive expertise and experience selecting, engaging and supervising the most appropriate, conservators and cabinet makers to work on multi-disciplinary projects and an extensive library and records which are a valuable & unique resource for reference and design sources. Experienced in working with international designers, architects, institutions and private clients either originating or working to a brief.


The combination of my dealing, heritage, interior and furniture design skills is unique giving me a breadth of experience, knowledge and resources to draw on.  

Do get in touch if you would like more information.  Lucy