Landscape with figures



KEITH VAUGHAN (British, 1912-1977)
Landscape with figures

Signed and dated 'Keith Vaughan/73' (lower right)
Gouache and pastel

Provenance : DC-Art, New South Wales, Australia. Peter Nahum Ltd., London. Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London, purchased 1989.

Sheet Height 33 cm., 13 in., Length 41 cm., 16 in.
In a painted box frame
Frame Height 54 cm., 21 in., Length 63 cm., 25 in.

From the mid-1940's Vaugan began to realize that 'The figure in Landscape' was an in-exaustible subject, 'the beginning of an attempt to reconcile and identify the principle of the human being with the landscape -organically perhaps - psychologically - or what you will'.

Landscape with Figures was executed during the last period of Vaughan's life, when much freer drawings with a distinct liveliness and skill sprang from his rich imagination. He worked in loosely applied inks, oil pastels and gouache which facilitated this freedom on large hand-made sheets of paper. Dr Malcolm Yorke in his biography "Keith Vaugan, his life and work' states 'These surviving, uninhibited, free-flowiing works are, I believe, amongst the most exciting he ever did'.

No matter what the strategy, 'the problem, as usual, is to find the forms which paraphrase reality of object and feeling without being merely descriptive.

Vaughan believed art was to do with the imposition of order on chaos. In notes made in 1972 he decided the purposes of art were ; to reveal the possibility of order in areas hitherto seen as chaotic, to create order by novel methods and to reveal new aspects of human experience and force a rethinking of accepted beliefs.

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Height 33 cm / 13 "
Width 40.7 cm / 16 "



with DC-Art, New South Wales, Australia. with Peter Nahum Ltd., London. with Austin/Desmond Fine Art, London, where purchased by the present owner, 1989.