A rare pair of mid-18th century, delftware vases and beaker



The necks with oak leaves trailing down into the baluster-shaped bodies. The fronts with two larger flowerheads amongst dense leafy trailing stems. The backs with a Decorated in white on a blue glaze. Restoration to the neck of the beaker. Probably Irish or Liverpool, circa 1760. Irish delftware (Castletown) page 33 illustrates the numbers found on Irish pieces which enable us to more positively attribute this garniture as Irish as opposed to Liverpool.
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18th Century




Liverpool or Irish


A part set is known to be at Blair Atholl, Scotland. Williamsburg has a vase and two beakers all marked with the numeral '4', British Delft at Williamburg (Austin). No 604 for a pair of baluster-shaped vases, no 605 a single vase and no 606 for a pair of beaker-shaped vases and a baluster-shaped vase with lid. As fair as china dishes (Morgan & Archer) nos 81 and 82, single vases V & A museum no c.69 - 1951 a single vase Christies, London 27/02/96 lot 40, for a pair of baluster vases and covers. English Delftware (Britton) nos 7.1 and 19.57 for single vases. English Delftware (Garner & Archer) nos 82 and 83 for single vases. Lipski Collection Sale, 10/03/1981, lot 116 for single vases. Lipski Collection Sale, 01/03/1983 lots 549 and 556 for single vases. Morgan Collection Sale, 25/03/1980, lot 50 for single vases. Height : 29.00 cm./11.50 in., & 26.00 cm./10.25 in.